Oplas Transport Consultancy Services

Operators Licence Applications Service

Applying for either a Goods Vehicle Licence or Public Service Vehicle Operator’s Licence when unsure of the process can be time consuming & frustrating & can lead to problems not envisage by the applicant when first undertaking an operator licence application. If not done a correct & professional manner the operator’s licence application may be refused or even lead to the Operators Licence application, considered by The Traffic Commissioner at a public inquiry:

Operator’s Licence Compliance Audit Service

Are you expecting an inspection visit from the Vehicle Operator Standard Agency (VOSA), are you due to attend Public Inquiry, or do you feel that your system of work in relation to your operator licence compliance need to be tested or brought up to date. Having an independent audit by Oplas Transport Consultancy Limited, implementing the advice given in advance of a visit from VOSA or bring level of compliance up to the required standard before being force to do so by the regulatory agencies. Can save your company money, your OCRS score and help stop actions by VOSA like re-visits to your operating centre, avoid future roadside checks, plus possible regulatory action such as being called to Public Inquiry:

Working Time Directive (Road Transport Directive) Compliance Solutions

Working Time Directive (RTD) compliance can have a very big impact you or your organization, if a system of work is not in use to maintain compliance as per the regulations. The effects of non-compliance for you or your organization can be an increase in costs, but also you or your organization facing enforcement & regulatory action from the enforcement & regulatory bodies:

Transport Manager / CPC Holder Cover Service

Oplas Transport Consultancy has found that a lot of companies usually small to medium size operators with a fleet size of between 1-15 vehicles, have found themselves in the position of needing a qualified transport manager/cpc holder, but cannot afford to employ a person in a full time capacity. In today’s environment were vehicle management is a complex area with many legal & legislation requirements, which not dealt with in a professional manner can have very serious effects on you or your company as the operator licence holder. Therefore, it is important a suitable person is found & their services engaged, but also the services they provide must be cost effective. There is a solution to this problem, which is perfectly acceptable, & within the regulations:

Restricted Operators Licence Compliance & Management Solutions

Restricted Operators Licence Compliance & Management Solutions, Offered by Oplas Transport Consultancy is aim to provide professional advice in the area of Restricted Operator Licence Compliance & Management for Restricted Operator Licence holders:

Public Inquiry Advice & Consultancy Service

Have you as the Operator Licence Holder or you’re the nominate Transport Manager on an Operator’s Licence which has been summoned to appear at Public Inquiry? Are you looking for advice? Here at Oplas Transport Consultancy we will not make any kind judgement on you or your company. We are just interested in giving you the best advice from the facts of the situation: