About Oplas

Oplas Transport Consultants is an independent consultancy specializing in road transport management solutions & transport regulation compliance services. The UK transport industry is one of the most highly regulated industries operating today, & those regulations are changing all the time not only though the UK regulatory bodies but also amendments coming from European regulatory bodies as well, which in turn have an effect on UK regulation.

Oplas Transport Consultancy working as transport consultants in this challenging environment for some time now & have built up a large data base of knowledge & practical experienced about the transport industry with experience of working with The Office of Traffic Commissioner, Vehicle Operator Service Agency (VOSA) & leading companies within the transport industry.

Oplas Transport Consultancy has built its knowledge base from practical experience which has help us successfully understanding our clients’ needs in the areas of road transport management & transport regulation compliance. This has lets us build up in partnership with our customers, strategies & systems of work for their individual requirements. Therefore leading our clients transport operation to be compliant, not only with current regulations but will also have the flexibility to allow for any future amendments by the regulatory bodies, there by maintaining our clients operations with the minimum disruption.

We believe this way of working, brings to us a clear advantage over our competition. Therefore when formulating proposed strategies & systems of work for our current & future clients we endeavor to make the strategies & systems of work a clear competitive advantage to our clients over there competition.

Our friendly, flexible approach married to our use of plan English & not the jargon which can be associated with compliance, has help us to provide competent, well research & practical solutions, based on the understanding of our clients, individual business requirements in the area of transport compliance management.

This realistic approach in the area of transport compliance & management, has earned us a valuable reputation for attention to detail, responsive to our clients needs. Giving Oplas Transport Consultancy the ability to deliver the right solution on time at the right price.

On this website you will find the range of services which we offer, also please feel free to contact us via the details given on the site. Thank you for taking the time to find out about us, & hopefully this will be the start of a successful business relationship between us