Operator Licence Application Service

An Operator Licence Application or O Licence Application as it is commonly known in the transport industry, is the starting point that all those whether individuals or commercial entities when wishing to obtain the authority to operate vehicles which fall under the authority of the Operator Licence Regime.

The application process can turn out to be time consuming & frustrating, & can lead to problems not envisage by the applicant. In fact up to eighty percentage of all applications, are incomplete or inaccurate & therefore those applications will require some re-working before any consideration can be given to the granting of an licence, these delays cause extra cost, & possible loss of new business to any applicant

Therefore it is important that when undertaking an application, that the information is detailed & accurate, this enables The Office of the Traffic Commissioner to process the application as quickly as possible, if not done correctly & in a professional manner, could lead to it being refused, or being considered by The Traffic Commissioner at a public inquiry, which can add extra time & cost to the process with no guarantee of it being granted.

In most cases the Operator Licence Application will be the first time the regulatory body know as Office of the Traffic Commissioner will have had contact with the applicant, therefore by having it prepared & presented in a professional manner to the Office of Traffic Commissioner is important, as this will show that the applicant is aware that the applying & granting of an application is an important undertaking & that the applicant is treating the process in a respectful & professional manner

Oplas Transport Consultancy once instructed by the applicant, will prepare the application. The process includes the fill out of the correct Operator Licence Application forms; we will then collating all of the correct support documents required for the application, all documents are proof read, after which they made into a presentation pack, a copy is then made for the applicant’s records. It is then sent by secure delivery (Royal Mail Special Delivery), to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner to be considered. We will if need be, act on the applicants behalf if required to do so, in connection with applicants the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, keeping the applicant informed about a what stage the application is at & if there is any additional actions needed to secure that it is successfully granted.

Oplas Transport Consultancy will undertake Operator Licence Applications for Goods Vehicles (HGV) or Passenger Service Vehicles (PSV).

Operator Licence Variations are also undertaken by Oplas Transport Consultancy such as increases in authorisations, changes of operating centres.

Oplas Transport Consultancy can also assist an applicant if they require the services of a suitable qualified transport manager/cpc holder if required by the applicant for an Operator Licence Application or variation, when the applicant is looking to apply for a Standard National or International Operator Licence; or if the applicant wishes to upgrade their current Restricted Operator Licence to a Standard National or International, Operator Licence.

What should I do next?

Please feel free to take the first step in using our service, contact us via the details given on the site or via email inquiry link for this service which can be access below.

Please Note: You Need A Vehicle Operators Licence, O Licence Even If You Use A Vehicle That Is Within Scope Of The Operator Licence Regime For Only A Short Period, 2 Or 3 Weeks Or Even Just One Day
This Guide Has Been Produced As a Basic Guide To The Operators Licence Application & Therefore Cannot Be Considered As Legal Advice.

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